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Project ManagementThere are day-to-day business operations – and then there are projects, by which we mean all those short-term, transient initiatives to fix a problem, create a product or improve a service.

Some businesses undertake quite significant projects without seeing the need to nominate a project manager. They may fail to recognise the value of the role, considering it an overhead. Or they believe the objectives are obvious, the management task is trivial and their people should just get on and do it.

But every project – no matter how straightforward it may seem – needs someone to:

  • Be accountable for the outcome
  • Provide a point of contact
  • Control the scope
  • Manage the costs
  • Schedule the work
  • Deal with the risks / unpick the complexities
  • Communicate with stakeholders

Who is going to do all that stuff? Only a project manager.

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