Interim ManagementWhat is Interim Management? Think of it as “talent on an as needed basis”.

Fresh thinking and an outsider’s perspective often do work wonders. An Interim Manager is typically hired for between 3 and 9 months:

  • to help an organisation undergo change, such as preparing for Brexit
  • to turn around a challenging situation
  • to plug a management gap
  • or to deliver a critical project

He or she can usually start within days and with minimal recruitment and contractual formalities.

Interim managers tend to be mature business people who have done it before. They should be comfortably over qualified for the job in hand. They should show confidence / gravitas and not require learning on the job or a honeymoon period. They will be objective and independent-minded, unconstrained by office politics and personalities. Most importantly, they will be loyal to you and your objectives; after all, they need your referral for their next job.

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