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shutterstock_1853825So it’s late August and you are enjoying your final days on the beach, afloat on a boat, hiking the hills, or whatever. It’s been wonderful: seeing the sights, exercising, spending time with loved ones, eating well and sipping mojitos.

However, somewhere at the back of your mind, you’ve already started thinking about work. Maybe you’ve decided it really is time to act on that simmering issue. Or you are making a mental to do list, figuring out priorities, and so on. You may be on waterskis just now – keep an eye on those rocks – but you remain a senior manager of the company and your responsibilities endure.

But don’t just make a list of things you want other people to do. Reflect a while on your own performance and, in particular, where you might need to make improvements when you get back. A recent McKinsey study highlights how top managers overestimate their visibility. Well worth a read on the plane home.

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