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ChromeboxThat’s me in the picture, homeless and hot-desking while the office gets a fresh coat of paint. The teeny little box in my right hand is my new computer, a replacement for the big iron beast I’m lugging up the stairs under my other arm.

We’re saying goodbye to our trusty old Dell / Win 7 desktops and hello to these dinky little Chromeboxes. The Dells have served us well for nearly five years now but, even with regular tune ups and de-cokes, they can be annoyingly slow at doing some pretty ordinary things, like taking longer to start up in the morning than it takes me to brew a cuppa.

And it’s only now that the old machines have gone that we realise how noisy they were. Each contained a couple of fans and sounded a bit like a hovercraft passing in the distance; not exactly intrusive, but certainly a noticeable background noise. Now we’ve subconsciously started whispering in the office.

Software-wise, the changeover has been pretty painless. We moved everything into the cloud a year or two back, so the Chromebox seemed the obvious way to go, and all for about a quarter of the cost of those five year old desktops.

It’s still early days, but the Chromebox seems to be one of the few genuine cases of Good, Fast and Cheap.

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