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MourinhoThe English Premier League is a managerial cauldron. Love it or hate it, football at this level provides striking lessons in how to – and how not to – succeed as a people manager in the workplace.

Let’s take a look at the season so far.

1. Know yourself, be yourself

Leicester City manager, Claudio Ranieri, is laid-back, funny, spirited and generous with his time; the sort of guy who buys pizzas all round whenever his team keeps a clean sheet. Contrast him with Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger whose outwardly cool and guarded persona masks a tightly coiled inner spring.
These are two very different characters; yet both their teams are excelling.  There is no mould for great leaders – but they all show authenticity. Know yourself, be yourself – and your team will recognise you as the real deal.

2.  Be careful what you promise

When Claudio Ranieri was recruited he promised just one thing – to keep Leicester City from being relegated. We are approaching the half way point of the season and his team is top of the Premiership! A stunning performance for a relatively small, unfashionable club. Expectations are running high and Ranieri is already under pressure to talk up the prospect of silverware. Yet he stoutly refuses to go beyond his original promise. I admire him.

3. Plan for a breather

Boxing Day games are a highlight of the season. Holiday spirit imbues every true fan and expectations run high. What a day for Manchester City manager, Manuel Pellegrini, to give his star striker, Sergio Aguero, the day off! Successful managers need to tread a fine line between applying – and relaxing – tension. No team can sustain indefinite pressure. So find time for your key players to take a breather. Don’t run them hard until the hammer is really down.

4. New blood; know when to use it

José Mourinho needs no introduction. His name even pops up in my spell checker; how famous is that? However, following a disastrous start to their season, Chelsea has reacted boldly, replacing the hapless José with Guus Hiddink, a tried and tested interim manager. It’s still early days, but Guus seems to be just the man to turn the tide on Chelsea’s season. Famous last words, but Chelsea have stopped losing games.


Fresh thinking and an outsider’s perspective can work wonders. And you don’t need to pay Premier League prices to find a good Interim Manager. Contact us to find out more.

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