Process Plant & Machinery Installation

Eastyoke provided the Project Manager responsible for the installation and commissioning of plastic injection moulding machinery in the middle of a busy manufacturing site in the West Midlands. The challenge was to deliver the project safely and speedily, ensuring compliance with CDM 2015, while minimising the disturbance to nearby 24×7 production lines. The day to day tasks included the planning and oversight of civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering contractors involved in:

  • Removal and replacement of the existing floor, relaying a new, stronger floor and re-seating several roof supports
  • Supplying this area with extensions to the existing power, water, air and material feeds for the new machine
  • Installation of a large overhead crane
  • Installation of plastic injection moulding machinery, associated robotics and infrastructure
  • Commissioning the new facilities
  • Sign off and handover to client

Healthcare, consumer electronics & appliances, manufacturing, plastic injection moulding, NPD, NPI

Eastyoke project managers have led a number of development projects for well known consumer electronics, appliances and healthcare brand leaders.

A typical brief has involved:

  • Managing multidisciplinary (eg marketing, software, electronic, mechanical & production engineering) teams engaged in the development of new products & variants
  • Ensuring due diligence in Design for Manufacture (DfM)
  • Knowing when to call on the services of experts – and having contacts – in specialist areas such as injection moulding, UX, EMC, safety, etc
  • Planning the test regime, regulatory (eg CE marking) compliance, user documentation, packaging and localisation aspects of the programmes
  • For one particular consumer electronics client, the product range has included SKUs with annual volumes of up to 30m units – and a number of these products are now on sale at retail outlets worldwide

Automotive NPD / NPI / Manufacturing

Eastyoke has run new product development and introduction programmes for automotive manufacturers and their tier 1 suppliers in the UK, Europe, North America and China. Working at client sites, our project managers have planned and delivered:

  • Electric vehicle development programmes
  • Powertrain production lines
  • Vehicle electronic control systems such as ECUs & body modules
  • Infotainment systems, instrument clusters & connected car technologies
  • Seating development programmes
  • BIW manufacturing lines
  • Logistics outsourcing programmes
  • Formula 1 race car data logging and telemetry systems

Building services, structured cabling, hotel / hospitality technology infrastructure, digital tv, video on demand

Our client develops and markets digital TV technologies and applications for network operators and service providers worldwide. They selected an Eastyoke Interim Manager to:

  • Turn around a late-running development programme to deliver a new VOD entertainment system targeted at large hotel chains
  • Plan, organise and implement the roll out of the new system across a well known chain of European budget hotels

Eastyoke’s interim project manager worked with the client for 6 months, successfully turning around the programme and ensuring the system was delivered to the lead customer on time and within budget.

Pay TV, VoD, conditional access, IPTV & media streaming

Working with a supplier of PayTV technologies and broadband services, Eastyoke contract project managers have led the client’s engineering teams to deliver new set top boxes, IP clients and media servers. These were large, multidisciplinary engineering teams dispersed across several time zones developing software, electronics and mechanical engineering solutions for volume manufacture in the far east.

Rail, CAD, systems integration, SAP

A global supplier of rail vehicles and transportation systems asked Eastyoke to provide a Contract Project Manager to lead the harmonization of CAD processes and design tools across multiple engineering sites in Europe and North America. This 18 month project involved intensive consultation with local site managers, business process mapping, SAP interface definition, ITT, vendor selection and systems integration.

The new systems were piloted at key sites in Europe and USA before being rolled out across the business and handed over to the client’s own engineering IT support function.

Printing, coding & marking, industrial equipment

Eastyoke has provided this global supplier of industrial printing machinery with interim managers for the past several years. In particular, Eastyoke has provided contract project managers to work with the engineering and marketing teams developing new technologies for deployment in faster, more connected, higher quality printers.

One of our interims recently completed a hardware and software development programme which enabled the client to launch a new product at an international trade fair. The products were delivered on schedule and within budget.

Eastyoke also helped the company review and improve the manufacturing processes in a recently acquired European subsidiary.

Consumer electronics & appliances, smart meter, utilities

Eastyoke has worked with a global leader in energy metering solutions for the electricity distribution industry. The client used our interim managers to lead the development of new smart meters for the residential marketplace. The development programme’s objective was to deliver a reliable automated meter reading (AMR) and wireless telemetry solution in a robust, low cost unit suitable for high volume (>1m units) manufacture. The system had to meet stringent European safety & regulatory requirements and had to be integrated with the underlying comms and customer database infrastructure. The development programme was completed successfully and the units are currently being delivered to a major utility company for deployment to consumers in the UK.

The programme supports the UK government’s drive to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and contribute to a sustainable use of resources.

Consumer electronics R&D

A well known global electronics corporation chose an Eastyoke Contract Project Manager to run a TSB* sponsored three-year research programme to develop next generation flexible electronic displays.

These displays create bright and powerful images and drain less battery power than conventional LCDs. *The Technology Strategy Board (TSB) – recently renamed as Innovate UK – is a business-led executive non-departmental public body, established by the UK Government. Its role is to promote and support research into, and development and exploitation of, technology and innovation for the benefit of UK business, in order to increase economic growth and improve the quality of life. It is sponsored by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS).

IT, financial services, pensions, systems integration, business analysis

Eastyoke has worked with one of the largest providers of outsourced financial services in the UK, supplying pensions administration, payroll and annuity services. More than 2 million pensioners throughout the world, receiving total pension payments in excess of £7 billion a year, are reliant on our client to provide an efficient service.

Eastyoke has assigned several project management contractors and interim business analysts within this sector to support clients engaged in takeovers of group pensions administration schemes and with the implementation and test of new pensions, payroll and annuities administration systems.

Mobile, RF, consumer electronics, telecoms

Our client is renowned globally for its technology breakthroughs and business services.

Reporting to the General Manager in California, Eastyoke’s mission was to take mobile technology from the corporate research centre and commercialise it as an innovative wireless consumer product.

Eastyoke’s brief was wide-ranging and included:

  • Finding new premises for the development team
  • Recruiting software developers, test engineers and admin staff
  • Outsourcing part of the development to India
  • Running trials of the prototype product with network operators
  • Supporting the product launch at Comdex & CeBIT

Finally, we handed back responsibility for the management of the development and support teams to the client’s own programme management department.

Distribution, logistics

Our client, one of the UK’s largest distributors of fuel and lubricants, had recently won a long term contract for the distribution of packaged lubricants across England & Wales. In support of this new business, they asked Eastyoke to supply an Contract Project Manager to set up a new storage and distribution operation in the Midlands. The new 45,000 sqft depot received deliveries of bulk oils and decanted them into IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) for palletisation & onward delivery to customers on specialised vehicles. The facility included storage tanks, racking, plinths, pumps and meters.

The client had technical experts and an engineering manager on site – but lacked the management resources to make it all happen. Moreover, while the business knew intuitively what was needed, very little has been documented. The Project Manager’s task was to confirm the requirements of the new facility, plan and coordinate the commissioning and start up phase, and establish & document the operational processes (stock management, oil sampling, safe handling, loading, etc) and training regime.

With the deadline for commencing customer deliveries fast approaching – and any delay liable to incur contractual penalties – quick thinking was required to implement interim / workaround solutions. This was the case with the fleet of new vehicles; delivery of these was late and so the Project Manager needed to establish an interim transport solution. Eastyoke’s interim project manager ensured the facility came on stream – and customer deliveries started – on time. An in house manager was trained to take over operational responsibility and – after a brief handover period – Eastyoke’s interim (4 months in all) assignment was concluded successfully.

Bioscience / Chemical processing / pharmaceutical engineering / civil engineering

Our client, a bioscience / biotechnology corporation with expertise in plasma-derived therapeutics and drug development, asked Eastyoke to supply an interim project manager to oversee the expansion of its UK manufacturing facilities. This was a live production site and it was critical to ensure that current output was not disrupted.

The scope of the project included included design, construction and installation of a reactor hall, mezzanine floor, clean rooms, prep labs, stores, reactor vessels, mixing tanks and associated building services.

Eastyoke’s project management contractor was responsible for the oversight and coordination of the civils and process engineering contractors, consulting engineers and CDM coordinator, as well as liaison with the client’s management and stakeholders.

Defence / Aerospace / Avionics

Eastyoke supplied a contract programme manager to oversee the development of a military helicopter avionics programme involving the delivery of several hundred high value assets associated with guidance and flight data logging systems. Our programme manager – as the customer’s primary point of contact – was responsible for all design, manufacturing, budgetary and schedule matters, as well as regulatory approval and accreditation. A number of technical issues arose, particularly around the data logging system, but with careful risk management and mitigation, these were successfully overcome.

Defence / Ship Systems

We provided a programme management contractor for the shipboard installation, integration and test of a mine hunting command and control system. The assignment involved planning, oversight of the technical team, risk management, change control and stakeholder management. The programme manager introduced new metrics to track test coverage and problem resolution. He also brought stability and clarity to the interface between the test platform and the configuration management system. The system was presented for factory acceptance on schedule and within budget.


Where an organisation is running multiple projects using shared resources, it can make sense to establish a PMO (Project Management Office) to standardise – and look for economies and efficiencies in – the project management process

Several clients have engaged Eastyoke to set up (or turn around) a PMO. Examples include:

    • Media content delivery business

This client asked Eastyoke to investigate why its projects routinely missed deadlines. Eastyoke conducted an audit of recent projects, identified recurring issues and recommended that the client establish a PMO to encourage best practice and to provide managers with better oversight of development projects. Eastyoke provided an interim manager to set up and run the PMO, embed the processes and then supported an in-house manager to take over the running of the PMO.

    • Automotive tier 1 manufacturer

The company engaged Eastyoke to set up and – on an interim basis – run a PMO covering an engineering department of some 200 heads. Eastyoke assigned one of its interims who himself had a long track record of successfully running engineering departments. He quickly established a bond with the key opinion formers and, leading by example, introduced improvements in project governance and set up the PMO. It took 6 months for the new processes to become bedded in across the department and, towards the end of that time, Eastyoke’s interim coached one of the client’s own senior managers to assume control of the process. We are in regular contact with this client and are encouraged that they continue to optimise the PMO and that it is now a key part of their business culture.

    • Manufacturing logistics

A UK volume manufacturing plant had recently launched a new product. Meanwhile, volumes of more established products were growing and, running in parallel, the parent company was pushing plant management to outsource the line supply processes by moving to a corporate wide approved supplier of 3rd party logistics (3PL). The plant’s local logistics management had the foresight to realise they needed to establish a PMO in order to deliver these multiple concurrent projects. Eastyoke won a competitive tender to establish and – for an initial period of 12 months – run the PMO. Not only has the PMO been successful in ensuring projects are delivered but significant savings and efficiencies have also been found and the contract has recently been extended for a further period of 12 months.