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A UK vehicle manufacturing plant was struggling to hit output targets in the face of multiple business challenges. Not only had they recently launched a new model, but volumes of more established models were also growing. Meanwhile, the parent company was pushing plant management to outsource the line supply processes to a corporate approved 3PL supplier. A perfect storm of change!

Local logistics management realised they needed to establish a Project Management Office – or PMO – so as to better manage the multiple changes facing the plant. Eastyoke won a competitive tender to establish and – for an initial period of 12 months – run the PMO. Given the complexity of the task, we assigned one of our most senior people to manage the task. She worked alongside the client’s key managers to put in place a PMO, laying down ground rules for projects, setting standards and providing a forum for project oversight and control.

Not only has the PMO been successful in ensuring projects are delivered but significant savings and efficiencies have also been found and the contract has recently been extended for a further period of 12 months.

Distribution Centre: Construction & Commissioning

Our client, one of the UK’s largest distributors of fuel and lubricants, had recently won a long term contract for the distribution of packaged lubricants across England & Wales. In support of this new business, they asked Eastyoke to supply an Contract Project Manager to set up a new storage and distribution operation in the Midlands. The new 45,000 sqft depot received deliveries of bulk oils and decanted them into IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) for palletisation & onward delivery to customers on specialised vehicles. The facility included storage tanks, racking, plinths, pumps and meters.

The client had technical experts and an engineering manager on site – but lacked the management resources to make it all happen. Moreover, while the business knew intuitively what was needed, very little has been documented. The Project Manager’s task was to confirm the requirements of the new facility, plan and coordinate the commissioning and start up phase, and establish & document the operational processes (stock management, oil sampling, safe handling, loading, etc) and training regime.

With the deadline for commencing customer deliveries fast approaching – and any delay liable to incur contractual penalties – quick thinking was required to implement interim / workaround solutions. This was the case with the fleet of new vehicles; delivery of these was late and so the Project Manager needed to establish an interim transport solution. Eastyoke’s interim project manager ensured the facility came on stream – and customer deliveries started – on time. An in house manager was trained to take over operational responsibility and – after a brief handover period – Eastyoke’s interim (4 months in all) assignment was concluded successfully.