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Half full or half empty? Or maybe the glass is just twice as big as it needs to be?

Fresh thinking and an outsider’s perspective often do work wonders. That’s why using an Interim Manager (ie hiring in management talent on an as required basis) can be a very effective way to address the bijou problemette that’s just landed in your in tray. Sure, it would probably be cheaper to use in-house resources; only everybody is tied up with other stuff and, even if you did get Joe Bloggs from the Ops Department reassigned, you’re not convinced he’s got the gravitas, chutzpah or whatever to cut through all that management crap (sorry, I meant management silos) within your organisation.

Interim managers tend to be objective, independent-minded souls who are unphased by office politics and personalities. They will have done it before – and in lots of different organisations. They can usually start within days and with minimal recruitment and contractual formalities.

Most importantly, they are loyal to you and your objectives. After all, they need your referral for their next job.

Interim managers, eh. What’s not to like?


(“Some people see the glass half full. Others see it half empty. I see a glass that’s twice as big as it needs to be.” – so said the late, great George Carlin, RIP)

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